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Designer, author, journalist and so much more.  


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01/09/2020 10:35 pm  

Hey there friend and foe!

I'm a Swedish entrepreneur just waiting for this platform to take of so we can all just spread our awesomeness around this amazing world. I design jewelry, mostly recycled old broken accessories and watches and make new, unique and very affordable bling for people to ware. 

Aside from that I write short stories and poetry. Often horror and I've had a few things published but sadly only in Swedish so far. I'm also a writer and editor at where we write reviews, news and do interviews with old, new and all kinds of bands. I do sing, paint and I do draw but those are pure hobbies even if I've sold a few of my pieces. 

On my spare time (right?!) I'm studying for my master in Systematic Theology.

So. Let's se how soon we can lift the roof of this place and rock this world to pieces!!